The hardest part about driving is when you have to drive during night time, considering that drivers are required to drive with extra precaution and they need to make sure that they are driving in a way that would keep them and the people around them safe.

We know driving during night time is not an easy thing to do, luckily, there some things that you can do so you can drive safely during night time.

In this blog, driving school Calgary will be listing down some things that everyone should be doing when they are driving during night time.

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5 Simple Things Everyone Should Do When Driving During Night Time

  1. Keep Headlights On

Let’s start with the obvious, the headlights. As a responsible driver, you need to make sure that you are keeping your headlights on when you are driving during night time. Not turning on your headlights when driving on the road can cause a lot of problems, which includes surrounding drivers not knowing that you are behind them, you not knowing what’s in front of you and an increased chance of accidents.

  • Hazard Lights

If the roads are really dark and there are no street lights, driving practice test Calgary suggests you turn on your hazard lights. Turning on your hazard lights in a very dark place will help people from very far to see that you are around. You can also use this if there are ongoing problems with your car.

  • Don’t drive too close

The third thing that driving school prices Calgary wants you to do is to avoid driving too close to other vehicles. Remember, you want to stay at least 20 to 30 meters away from another vehicle if you are driving on a superhighway. This is required because you need to have enough reaction time in case something happens.

  • Use Signals

When you are switching lanes, you want to use signals. Using signals will play a huge role in keeping you and the cars behind you in keeping each other safe. Before turning left or right during night time, you want to turn on your signal for at least 4 seconds before you switch, this allows the person behind you to know that you are about to make a turn.

  • Use dippers

Another thing that you want to do is use dippers during nighttime. Dippers are good if you are in a rush or if you want the car in front of you to move to the side so you can pass by or if you are informing the vehicle that you are going to overtake.