First-time car owners have a lot of things to learn when it comes to the safety of their cars, considering that keeping their vehicles in top shape will help them save a lot of money when it comes to repairs.

One of the most important things that first-time car owners should check in their cars is the symbols that are present on your car’s dashboard. Don’t know what they mean? Don’t worry, we got you. 

Below, driving school prices in Calgary will be listing down some of the most important symbols that may pop up on your car’s dashboard. 

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4 Important Symbols On Your Car’s Dashboard And What They Mean 

  • Oil Pressure Light 

This light indicates that there is an ongoing issue in your vehicle’s oil pressure system. This can come up if your car has low oil or your oil pump is not circulating enough fluid. As soon as you see this indicator lighting up, get your car checked up. 

  • Engine Temperature Warning 

Once this symbol pops up on the dashboard of your car, you need to stop your vehicle for some time and let it cool down because this symbol means your car’s engine is overheated. Not only that, but if this problem comes up again and again, you need to address it immediately because it can cause a lot of damage to your engine. 

  • Traction Control System 

This indicator tells you that the traction control system of your car has been activated. What does this mean? Well, the traction control system properly uses your anti-lock brake system to find out if one wheel is spinning than the other. It detects a wheel that is slipping and applies the breaks until it regains proper traction. 

  • Engine Light 

If this light comes on, you want to stop right away because it is telling you that there is low oil pressure or there is severe heating in your car. Not only that, but this one can also light up if the gas cap was left open, is loose, or is overheating. 

As soon as you see this light popping up on the dashboard of your car, you want to stop your car and check your gas cap or other systems in your vehicle. 

In case the light is flashing, you want to stop your car and call a local mechanic and ask them for further instructions because such problems can cause serious damage if left ignored.