Technology enhancement has given us ease in many aspects, like in the case of modern vehicles. With satnavs and multimedia infotainment systems many dreams have come into reality. These hi-tech features fascinate a lot but all this entertainment and advancement kind of brings risk and one of top them and discussed is cyber hacking.

It is astonishing in its scope and never a doubt too clever in its approach. If you to ask on why to surprise for any occurrence of a cyber attack? You will think a questioner fool or perhaps get angry at him. But the bigger surprise underlying is its size.

Too concerned about the possibility of your car getting hacked. A great tip that can be an access point for hackers is to disable in-car technological features.  But this isn’t all. If you are thinking one to get driverless cars for yourself, then you must consider things that may cause your car right into the hands of cyber hackers. An advance road test in Calgary mentions these vehicles can connect with other cars troubling you a little bit. 

Driving Practice test in Calgary

All You Need to Know About Car Cyber Hacking

1. Self-Driving Cars and Hacking Levels

You must know when opting for a driving practice test in Calgary that there won’t remain a human driver for Level 4 and Level 5 true self-driving vehicles. Here all the managing aspect of driving a car is placed by an AI. 

Why so?

As we all know and believe that human drivers become a bit rasher than to be rushers. Estimated, in 2018, the number of motor vehicle deaths was 1,922 in Canada. So it seems prudent and wiser to replace humans with AI as drivers.

2. How Someone Hacks a Car

Whatever it looks like or imagines to be but a hacker with a computer, a Wi-Fi connection and some time is able to gain access to a car. But the main question automatically peeps out is that if technology is so advanced and even equipped with some sort of assistive technology, then why fear for your car on being risky to get hacked?

To hack a car, all you must know are loopholes and vulnerabilities that one can identify in a vehicle’s software and technology used for manipulation.  Do you know that just to add new features, functions or even to improve functionality, many drivers hack their own vehicles by manipulating car software?

3. The Vital Lessons

 1. The hack existing for quite a while

 This may disturb you a little bit but it is true and especially disconcerting in catching it sooner the possible.

2. Run silent, run deep

 It becomes much easier to observe making it obvious that the cyber attack was subtle and relatively well-hidden.

3. The chain gang and the software supply chain

There are many software supply chain intrusions that can readily occur at no time.  What it really means and states that at any point in the chain there is the threat that something diabolic can be inserted.

4. Go big or go home

 The cyberattack has been going impressively wide and larger. Since self-driving cars are so few on the roadways but as soon they will pick up the scale, cyber attackers will be collaborating with each other to get at this revered innovation.