The Advanced Road Test is an on-road test that demands new drivers to regularly display safe driving abilities and make responsible decisions in difficult situations. To earn a full-privilege driver’s license, new drivers must demonstrate that they have mastered these competencies.

What should I expect from my Advance Road Test Calgary?

The Advanced Road Test has a variety of components that require a significant display of individual driving abilities, standards, and strategies. The following tasks will be expected of drivers taking the Advanced Road Test:

  1. Making Numerous Right And Left Turns
Advance Road Test Calgary

The instructor would, first off, definitely ask you to demonstrate making left and right turns. Safety would be the number one priority for the driver as well as other travelers on the road.

  1. Handling ‘Through’ Intersections
Advance Road Test Calgary

After that you would be tested on how efficiently you deal with intersections as these are the most vulnerable points on the road and have higher chances of accidents.

  1. Stopping At Pedestrian Crosswalks
Advance Road Test Calgary

You will be tested on how safely you handle the automobile near crosswalks.

  1. Entering And Exiting High-Speed Roadways
Advance Road Test Calgary

In this case, how safely you enter or exit the motorway will be the skill that would be tested.

  1. Changing Lanes
Advance Road Test Calgary

Here the skill of switching lanes safely will be tested.

  1. Handling Controlled And Uncontrolled Intersections
Advance Road Test Calgary
  1. Driving In Moderate And Congested Traffic
Advance Road Test Calgary

Another huge matter to be paid attention to is how the driver deals with traffic congestion. This skill is one of the most used and needed during driving.

  1. Handling Right And Left Road Curves
Advance Road Test Calgary
  1. Handling Controlled And Uncontrolled Railway Crossings
Advance Road Test Calgary

Here your ability to handle railway crossings will be tested by an expert.

  1. Driving In Various Speed Zones

You will also be tested on how much control you have over the accelerator.

  1. Driving Through Playground And School Zones
Advance Road Test Calgary

You will also be tested on how safely you cross the road where a public school is located.

  1. Parallel, Hill Parking And Angle Or Perpendicular Parking
Advance Road Test Calgary

Last is your parking skills which are equally important while testing your driving skills.

In conclusion, it can be said that there are a large number of components to the Advanced Road Test that require a strong demonstration of individual driving skills, standards, and techniques. Drivers taking the Advance Road Test Calgary will be required to perform these above-mentioned tasks in order to convince the instructor. So, Practice well and all the very best!