It is certainly true that in today’s time wherein humans are pampered on the lap of technology, they expect quick results. However, this could not be the case in learning how to drive a car. In fact, getting behind the wheel is a huge responsibility that therefore, calls for appropriate amounts of training and practice. Hence, the process unwantedly becomes painful.

Still, the question we trainers at A1 Advance Driving School often get asked is “How long does it take to learn to drive?”. Well, the answer is not as easy as you may think. If you’re thinking about why then let us inform you of the fact that this depends on a lot of factors.

So, just to help you a bit with estimating the time you would need to earn a driving license, we would be discussing a few of these factors here in this article.

1. How You Learn: To get you on the right foot, it is certainly essential to tell you that the way you learn is the main determiner of your car learning tenure. Imagine, if you’re learning on your own, everything would depend on your grasping power. On the contrary, things would be completely different when you actually take driving lessons Calgary from a professional.

2. How Much You Practice: It is often said that ‘practice makes perfect. And, that is something that is absolutely true. Just to bring to your kind attention, the driving test in Calgary is easier said than done as it involves an on-road driving test besides the aptitude and road safety test on paper. Hence, practicing the main skills like parallel parking or making a U-turn is a must.

3. From Whom You Learn Driving: Well, another thing on which the time you might consume depends on the trainer. Like how skilled one is and how much on-road experience does he have? All these things would affect the learning time. 

4. Your Learning Capability: One more vital thing that most trainees never consider is their own grasping capability. Technically, not everyone gets the physics behind cars so easily. However, trained professionals can make things easier for them too. Therefore, in some way or the other, your learning time also depends on your own grasping power. So, make sure to pay attention when you’re attending driving lessons Calgary.

If you’re still looking for a generalized answer, then we would say the learning time may range from 100 hours to 140 hours in total on-road practice, making the average time of 120 hours. This as mentioned earlier too would depend on all the factors discussed above. 

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