Most of us often get frustrated when parking can cost us time, fuel, and energy. Every novice driver would be able to totally relate to it. No matter how good you are at driving, parking in the right spot can be a daunting task. However, to avoid unnecessary frustration and agitation, you need to figure out smart ways to park your car so that you can save time and effort. A1 driving school does offer the best practice car parking in Calgary, but below mentioned are a few of the great tips and tricks that may help make parking a cinch.

  1. Always Reverse Park For An Easy Exit

If you are well-informed that you’re going to attend a big event like a concert or sporting event, it would be smarter to reverse park so that you can exit properly. To reverse park, start backing up carefully and moving your wheel towards the location while keeping an eye out for pedestrians. Continue rotating until you can see the parallel lines of the parking space in your side mirrors. Straighten your wheel and back in when they are lined up.

  1. Practice By Putting A Tennis Ball In Your Garage

To use as a parking guide, hang a tennis ball on a thread from the ceiling if you’re fortunate enough to have garage parking. Start by precisely positioning your automobile in the garage. Next, use a ladder to put the tennis ball on a string so that it lands directly in the middle of your windshield. Now that you are aware of this, you may move on without hitting anything.

  1. Try Choosing The Very First Spot You see

Instead of choosing a spot that has fewer to no vehicles around, it would always be better to pick up the very first spot you see, as it will help you be closest to the exit. Eventually, this would help you save a substantial amount of time.

  1. Parking Your Car Facing East In The Winters

On cold mornings, frost may be a major issue. You may reduce the amount of scraping you need to perform before leaving for work by parking your car facing east when you leave it outside. With this arrangement, the sun will be squarely over your windshield as it rises in the morning. You will be able to de-ice your vehicle, at least in part, thanks to the added heat from the sun.

Final Word: In conclusion, it would be wise enough to understand that parking is not rocket science but rather an easy peasy task if done correctly. For more tips like this or for the best practice in car parking in Calgary, do hire student-friendly driving instructors from A1 Driving School, Calgary. This would make you put an end to the fear of parking in the right spot.