In order to be an ideal driving instructor in Calgary, it’s not just important to have experience in the field but it is also crucial to have people skills and the capacity to instruct each mentee individually. If you want to determine whether a teaching strategy is effective, you must be able to read people. You should occasionally act as a professional coach. Other times, you need to be a good listener and occasionally a source of experienced knowledge on how to prevent errors.

Here is a quick rundown of a few things that you can do to become an excellent driving mentor:

  1. Communicate and listen:

Avoid adding too many of your own preferences or viewpoints to their strategy. As well as learning about their expectations of you, ask them about their ambitions. Are they seeking assistance, direction, or understanding, for instance? In the end, your mentee should decide on their own professional path. You assist them in achieving their goals in any way they need. Understanding a mentee’s struggles, objectives, aspirations, and emotions can help you assist, interact with, and motivate them to the fullest extent possible.

  1. Offer constructive criticism:

Even if you don’t want to criticize or offend your mentee, you also shouldn’t filter your criticism in order to save them any harm. There is a method to criticize someone without undermining their self-confidence. An excellent technique to communicate with someone without criticizing them directly is to share your experience. Tell them, for instance, about a mistake you made and the lesson you took away from it. 

  1. Practice empathy:

The capacity to think quickly under duress and in the face of conflicting demands is one of the most crucial abilities your mentee must acquire. Both common sense and creativity are used to describe it. Whatever you choose to name it, your mentee needs to be able to come up with solutions quickly. It is your responsibility as a mentor to aid in their skill development.

Consider yourself a driving teacher who rides in the passenger seat and gives the mentee complete control of the adventure. You are still available, though, to give guidance and pull the emergency brake if necessary.

  1. Make an effort to be a good role model:

Simple observation and learning from your words and actions may teach your mentee a lot. They can tell by your actions and interactions with people or with the work at hand. Your mentee can observe how you handle challenges if you’re stuck on a project so they can learn from you. You risk driving the mentee away or exposing them to a viewpoint they begin to adopt if you are badly impacted by this assignment and it shows in your conduct. Show your mentee several strategies for dealing with challenging circumstances and walk them through your procedure to get them started in the correct direction.

Final thoughts: To summarize, picking up a few qualities and making some easy changes in your personality can be a really positive thing, making you a mentor for life. For the best driving instructors in Calgary, approach A1 advance driving school and give yourself the chance to learn at your own pace.