Teach Safe Children in and Around Cars

As the number of accidents is increasing per day it becomes very important for parents to teach their children road safety rules.  Safety around cars is most important especially when you don’t want to cause any kind of injuries to yourself and to others. However, with so much information out there, it can be hard for parents to teach their children everything. As soon as they get their driver’s license, they’re free from sitting through boring lectures at school but parents still have their hands full of homework about how to teach them safe driving skills.

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Driving is the most dangerous activity that most people engage in every day and it’s important to teach kids how to drive safely. Teaching children about safety in and around a car is important as most car accidents are witnessed in younger age groups because of their lack of knowledge/carelessness.

The 3 steps by which one can teach their child safety in and around cars are:

1) Awareness on Road: Make sure you warn your child that driving can be really dangerous if they aren’t aware of the road or have any good judgment when it comes to other drivers or traffic situations. Common phrases one can use to create awareness among the children include: “be safe,” “stay inside,” and “keep your eyes on the road.”

Ignorance on roads can cost them even their own life while leaving fatal injuries to others as well. Only those who are well aware of the traffic rules and are willing to follow them can prevent accidents.

2) Road Detection: Give them what is called Road Sense. This means that you should make sure that your child knows how to use common sense and judgment when on the road. They should know how to stay alert in traffic, remain calm during a ride, how to recognize road signs, and traffic lights. Making sure that they are buckled up during their rides is also very important.

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3) The Use of Safety Retaining Devices in Motor Vehicles: Teach your kids to protect themselves by using a restraint, like a seat belt, and make sure that they know both how to wear it and also make sure that they wear it properly every time they get into a car. There are numerous accidents each year where people have died because of not wearing a seat belt or because they were wearing it improperly.

There are so many other safety devices in cars they should know about. Some of which are listed below:

1. Antilock brakes (ABS)

2. Traction control

3. Electronic stability control

4. Safety-belt features

5. Newer safety features – accident avoidance systems

6. Tire-pressure monitors

7. Telematics