Driving more sparingly may reduce your annual fuel costs by several hundred dollars, increase road safety, and prolong the life of your car. These are things you cannot understand by yourself. These are the fundamentals that one has to learn from a decent driving school. However, A1 Advance driving School, Calgary is still here to help you out again. 

Use these 5 fuel-efficient driving strategies to cut your car’s fuel usage:

# Softly Pick Up The Speed; Do Not Accelerate Abruptly:

Fuel consumption increases with increased acceleration. By softly stepping on the accelerator pedal in the city, you may use less gasoline. Take 5 seconds to accelerate your car up to 20 kph from a stop in order to be as fuel-efficient as feasible. Think of a coffee cup that is open on the dashboard. Avoid spilling it!

# Maintain A Steady Speed:

You consume more gasoline and spend more money than necessary when your speed falls and spikes. According to tests, changing your speed up and down between 75 and 85 km/h every 18 seconds might result in a 20% increase in fuel consumption.

Where conditions allow, take into account activating cruise control while driving on the highway. Be aware, though, that when gravity performs the job, little differences in speed might be advantageous. Where traffic patterns allow, slow down when going uphill and pick up speed again when going downward.

# Anticipate Traffic:

When you are driving, keep an eye out for what is coming up. Additionally, maintain a safe separation between your car and the one in front of you. You may maintain a consistent pace and consume less gasoline by attentively observing what people and other vehicles are doing and projecting what they will do next. Driving in this direction is also safer.

# Avoid High Speeds:

Save gasoline by adhering to the speed limit! The majority of automobiles, vans, pickup trucks, and SUVs are most fuel-efficient between 50 and 80 km/h. The quicker a vehicle travels over this speed, the more gasoline it consumes.

For instance, a car uses around 20% more gasoline at 120 km/h than it does at 100 km/h. This increase in speed would only reduce your travel time by two minutes on a 25-kilometer journey.

To know more, enroll at A1 advance driving school, Calgary right now and learn to drive like a pro.