Driving a car is one of the simplest pleasures of life, yet requires skills and vigilance. Even after getting the license issued, they are not able to drive safely. Here A1 Advance driving school has mentioned a few of the common mistakes that they have observed young drivers making while they drive. Let’s take a look at them:

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  1. Speeding Up: Today’s generation loves to be fast & furious but is entirely unaware of the repercussions. Although there are specific speed limits for different roads, highways, and motorways in different regions of the world, literally no young member of the society obeys all such regulations made by lawmakers. As a consequence, a lot of accidents cost this world, thousands of lives every year.
  1. Not Maintaining The Car: It would not be wrong to say beginners barely understand the mechanics of a car and therefore, always have trouble fixing it when it breaks down. However, going to a good driving school, taking good driving lessons, and taking a driving practice test in Calgary would enable them to broaden their mental horizons and better understand the fundamentals of car maintenance.
  2. Playing Music Too Loud: A lot of young adults like to revamp their car with sub-woofers and tinted glasses but what they unintentionally lose is the focus and attention. This causes too many accidents. Plus, loud music creates an adrenalin rush that makes people pursue the feelings of thrill for which they drive recklessly.
  1. Using Mobile Phone While Driving: The biggest mistake made while driving is using a cell phone. This distracts the driver and diverts his focus, causing him to lose control over his car. This is one of the leading causes of mishaps on roads.
  1. Not obeying road safety rules: Weaning a seat belt is a standard norm globally, but at times people forget its role of it in safety and choose to drive without buckling up. This is legally unacceptable now, yet many get away with road safety offenses.
  1. Not taking the driving mock test before the final test: Getting a driver’s license would not be a hard nut to crack for many, it actually is. And, the main reason why a lot of people fail is the lack of driving practice tests in Calgary and not taking mock tests under the same pressure before taking the actual test.