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5 Things To Prioritise When Travelling With Kids In Your Car

Travelling with kids is not easy, considering that they have a hard time staying still and they need proper attention all the time.

This is why driving instructor Calgary will list down some things that would help you out when you are travelling with kids in your vehicle.

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5 things to prioritise when travelling with kids in your car

  1. Have a child seat

It is a must to have a child seat inside your vehicle, you even learn this when you are getting driving lessons Calgary. This one is required because it allows you to safely place your kid in a safe spot where you can see them all the time and they have a seatbelt that actually fits them properly. In some countries, having no child seat while traveling with a kid can result in a massive fine. So if you live in one, make sure you have it!

  • Bring bag with all the things you need

The second thing that you need to do is have a bag that has all the things that you need while traveling. This is a must considering that you need to have all the things that your baby needs with you when you are travelling to a far place. If you miss out something, you might have to make a unnecessary stop, which can take a lot of time.

  • Drive slow

Another thing that you need to prioritise when you are traveling with your kids is that you need to drive slow. Driving slow is a must, considering that they can get afraid when your car is moving too fast. Also, you do not want to risk it, you might be a good driver, some people are not. Try to prioritise safety, it’s okay to be late, remember that.

  • Get enough sleep before the trip

Before the trip, you want to get enough sleep. Driving can be tiring, so as a responsible parent, you want to get enough sleep. Sleeping at least 8 hours before the trip is a must. Also when going on the trip, bring coffee, especially if you are going on a long trip. It can help you stay away from throughout the trip.

  • Get your vehicle serviced

Before the long trip with your family, you want to get your vehicle serviced properly. This is a must, considering that services help you lower the chances of getting in trouble when you hit the roads. A serviced vehicle will help you have assurance. Also, make sure you ask the mechanic to check your brake!

Driving Lessons Calgary

4 Road Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

In Canada alone, the Canadian Transportation Safety Board said that around 300,000 accidents happen on an annual basis in the country.

In the year 2018, the number of motor vehicle fatalities were up by 3.6 percent from 2017. The number of serious injuries decreased by 6.1 percent from 2017, where 10,107 were reported. The number of fatalities per 100,000 population increased to 5.2 percent in 2018, in 2017 it was 5 percent.

As citizens of the country, it is our duty to do our part and help each other out.

Driving on the road is something that is very hard to do, but with practice and precautions, we can become really good drivers.

In order to prioritize road safety, we provide Driving Lessons Calgary to help you out with that, we are going to list down some things that you can do in such times to increase road safety when you’re driving.

Driving Lessons Calgary

4 Road Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

  1. Stop using that phone

The first thing that people need to do in this era of technology is to stop using that phone. Using that phone can make things really worse when you are driving. You don’t have proper attention on what’s going on around you. A lot of accidents happen on a yearly basis all over the world because people were using their phones as they were driving.

  • Keep a safe distance

Another thing that you need to do is keep a safe distance when you’re driving. Instead of driving right at the back of another car, you want to stay around 10 to 15 feet away from that car. If you’re on a highway, go further back. Tailgating is something that you do not want to do. It decreases your chances of reacting in case of an emergency.

  • Service is important

A lot of people do not get their vehicles serviced on the right time. To keep everything working properly when you’re on the road, you want to get that car serviced. Try to get those breaks checked every month or two. Remember, the more you drive your vehicle, the faster you will have to get that car of yours serviced.

  • Stay within the limit

Another thing that you want to do is make sure that you stay within the speed limit. Staying within the speed limit is something that you should be aiming for. Do not go above that limit as it places your life and the life of other people in danger. Staying within the right speed limit will allow you to react properly in case of an emergency.

Driving Lessons Calgary

4 Reasons Why Learners Should Go For On-Road Lessons

Road safety is something beginners, learners, and professionals should always prioritize as they’re driving, considering that everyone has to go home to someone and you should never do something that would put your life and the life of other people in danger.

We know despite the obvious reason, some people still do not take driving seriously.

This is why in this blog, A1 Driving, a driving lessons Calgary services provider, will be listing down some reasons why driving lessons are important for learners and beginners.

Driving Lessons Calgary

4 Reasons Why Learners Should Go For On-Road Lessons

  1. Foundation

The first reason is the fact that you are going to have a good foundation if you get your lessons from the best driving instructor Calgary. With the right driving instructor, you are going to have knowledge about all the things that you should be doing and should not be doing while driving on the road. Not only that, they will help you learn all the safety rules of driving, which are fundamentals as you learn driving.

  • Road Safety

Driving schools prioritize road safety, meaning that they are going to tell you everything about how it works and how you can use your driving skills to help others become better drivers. The driving instructors will help you know all the dos and don’ts while driving and will help you understand all the rules and regulations.

  • Get Your License Faster

With proper knowledge and skillset, you can get your license faster. Most of the people that book a driving instructor Calgary get their license at a faster rate than those who just go in for a driving license test without any proper guidance. So don’t rush it out, instead, take your time and find the best driving instructors in your city.

  • Helps You Become Better

Because you are going to get on-road driving lessons, you are automatically going to become a better driver. Not the best, but someone who can drive and can help other people stay safe as you’re driving. Not only that, but because you know how to drive, you are more likely to avoid getting any road tickets when you’re driving on the road after getting your official license.

Why A1 Driving?

A1 Driving is one of the best driving schools in Calgary, Canada, that can help you out in becoming the best driver that you can become. For more information about our services and how we can help you out, call us on the number below or send us an email so we can contact you right away!

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5 Reasons Why Driving Lessons Are Really Important For Beginners

Driving is not an easy thing to do, considering that there are other people driving around you.

Before getting your official license, you want to make sure you have some experience in driving so you will not be a nuisance to people that are driving on the road.

This is why in this blog, A1 Driving, a top-rated driving lessons Calgary services provider, will be listing down some reasons why it is very important for beginners to opt-in for driving lessons before they get their professional license.

Driver Instructor Calgary

5 Reasons Why Driving Lessons Are Really Important For Beginners

  1. Keep Others Safe

The first reason is the fact that you want to keep other people safe. If you have experience in driving, you can keep other people that are with you or are driving around you safe. This is one of the main reasons why driving practice test Calgary is really important before you get your official driving license.

  • Know The Rules And Regulations

A driver instructor Calgary that will be with you during your driving lessons will not only help you know how to drive properly, but they will also help you understand and know all the rules and regulations that are present in the country that you are living in right now.

  • Know The Things You Can Do And Not

Not only rules and regulations but driving lessons will help you know the things that you can do on the road and the things you should never do. Things such as eating while driving, talking to your passengers, watching the scenes on your left and right, along with many more are going to be discussed during the in-class lessons.

  • Know The Basics

The fourth one is the basics. With the best driving lessons provider in Calgary, you will be getting to know about the basics of driving. Such things include the dos and don’ts, the rules and regulations, everything about driving, how to turn, how to safely keep a distance with other vehicles, and many more.

  • Increase Your Chances Of Getting A License

The last one is the fact that you will have better chances of getting the official license. With proper knowledge and little experience, you are going to increase your chances of getting the license that you have been wanting to get. Make sure you get your classes on time and you have enough confidence. Do not rush it, instead, take your time!