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5 Simple Ways To Brush Up Your Driving Skills

Driving is a talent that improves over time with continued use. No matter how much experience you have behind the wheel, there is always an opportunity for growth. Continue to seek methods to make the skill better, and if necessary, enroll in brush up courses Calgary periodically.

Being able to drive has nearly become a survival skill in the time we live in. In this post, you’ll learn how to improve your driving abilities.

1. Learn All There Is To Know About Your Car’s Features.

Understanding the ins and outs of your vehicle’s characteristics provides you an advantage when it comes to dealing with unanticipated abrupt occurrences, even if it may sound quite simple. Rear cross-traffic alert, forward collision warning, blind-spot detection, and other safety features employ technology to warn the driver. You’ll be a better driver with a solid awareness of these characteristics, no doubt about it!

2. Using Roundabouts As A Guide

Even experienced drivers find roundabouts to be rather complex, but once you figure out the method, roundabouts become much simpler to maneuver. Remember to scan the traffic before selecting a lane on a roundabout based on the exit you want to take. Never stop in the midst of a roundabout, and never try to pass a big car when you’re in one. When on a roundabout, keep in mind to always stay in your lane. To gain a greater understanding of how to use roundabouts, consult the online lessons that are available.

3. Using The Rear-View Mirror

While driving, it’s crucial to pay attention to the traffic around you. All you need to do is make the necessary adjustments to your rearview mirror. This is how you do it right now. After settling into your position and fastening your seatbelt, adjust the mirror so that you can see the road behind you, along with the horizon line and some of the area above it. When you stop at the signal, be careful to adjust as necessary. Additionally, every time you drive, adjust the mirrors. I’m done now! All you need to do is remember to gaze in the mirror every 5-8 seconds by keeping your eyes moving.

4. Keep A Secure Distance

Keep a safe enough gap between you and the front of the car. If the car in front suddenly stops, leave a space that would take at least 4 seconds to cover. When driving during rush hours, keep a safe distance and travel at a reasonable pace even if it may seem impractical to maintain such a gap.

5. Go Back To The Basics

Do you remember all the rules you had to follow to clear your driving test? As the years pass, we tend to forget these basics. Make sure to brush them up and put them to practice once again. Remember to signal every time you change lanes, even in reverse, at every turn you take. Take a driving refresher course if need be.
Hence, don’t wait anymore, enrol in brush up courses Calgary at A1 Advance Driving Academy, Calgary today!


How Can Driving Schools Help You Become To Become A Better Driver?

If you are planning to get a license or simply become a better driver, you need to look in the right ways and hire someone that could possibly help you out in improving your driving skills.

One of the best things that you can do in order to improve your driving skills is to enroll yourself at the best car driving school Calgary NE, considering that they can do a lot of things for you.

We know you’re still on the edge about spending a lot of money just to become a better driver, but we want you to make the right decision, which is why below, we have listed some of the many reasons why it is important to learn driving from a driving school.

Three Reasons On Why It’s Important To Learn Driving From A School

Here are some of the many reasons why it is important to learn driving from the best car driving school Calgary NE:

Better Guidance

The main reason is the fact that they are going to offer amazing guidance.

The thing with driving schools is that they are 100 percent dedicated when it comes to helping you out in becoming a better driver, which means that they are going to ensure that you are learning the right things and are avoiding things that would render you to become a bad driver.

Their guidance alone can help you out a lot in making you a better driver.

Know All The Dos And Don’ts

In order to become a really good driver on the road that can ensure their own safety along with the safety of other people, you need to know all the dos and don’ts on the road.

This one can ensure that you are doing all the right things when driving and avoiding the wrong ones. With this one alone you can avoid getting involved in traffic-related accidents or mishappenings.

Learn From Experienced Drivers

The last reason is that you are going to learn from experienced drivers.

Remember, learning driving is not enough when you enroll yourself in a driving school, considering that you also have to learn or know certain things from the right driving instructors that have immense knowledge and experience.

With the right driving instructors, you can learn about blind spots and many other things that are not taught anywhere else.

Do you think we missed out on anything important in how driving schools can help you become a better driver? Let us know what we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below!


How To Find The Right Driving School? Tips For First Timers

When it comes to finding the right driving school, you have to make sure that you’re doing things the right way, considering that there are too many options out there and the process of going with the right one is actually hard.

We know you’re trying to find the right driving school right now, which is why below, in this blog, we have listed down some of the many things that you need to do so you can find the right one for you and your needs.

Three Things You Need To Do In Order To Find The Right Driving School

Here are some of the many things that you need to do in order to find the right driving school:

  1. Try To Take Your Time 

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you’re trying to find the right school for you, which means it should fall under the budget that you have right now.

Not only that, but take a look at all the reviews that they have on the internet, what they’re offering, and what you are about to get into in case you do enroll yourself in their school. This can help you out a lot in making the final decision.

Note: For the best driving school prices Calgary, give us a call! 

  1. Set Up Your Budget

As we said before this, it is important to find the right school for you that falls directly under the budget that you have.

Try to understand that you’re getting something that’s actually going to help you get your driver’s license, which is why it is important to go with someone that falls under your budget and could actually help you become a good driver following the enrollment at their school.

  1. Hire Based On What They Have Achieved 

The last thing that you need to do is hire them based on what they have achieved so far, not what they are promising to achieve.

Remember, there are a lot of options in front of you, which is why to take your time and do what’s right for you! 

Do you think we missed out on anything important in the things that you need to do when finding the right driving school? Let us know what we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below!


Top Tips To Easily Qualify Advance Road Test | A1 Advance Driving School

What Exactly Is An Advanced Road Test?

The Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Program in Alberta, Canada is completed with the Advanced Road Test. After passing the Advanced Road Test, you are granted a full Class 5 license with no GDL limitations.

In order to pass the Advanced Road Test, new drivers must regularly exhibit safe driving techniques and mature decision-making under testing circumstances. To earn a driver’s license with full privileges, new drivers must demonstrate that they have mastered these abilities.

You will continue to be governed by all GDL criteria and limitations until you pass the Advance road test Calgary.
Tips to help you pass your driver’s license exam without making any mistakes:


Yes, it may seem like a significant day, and we are certain that it is. However, refrain from being too hard on yourself that you ruin something that is sure to go well.

Be a little more at ease before your driving test. Feel free to speak with someone who has been there and obtained their license if things are starting to become a bit stressful. Just do it; take a big breath and do it.


Being overconfident or underconfident before your road test is the worst error you can make. When a person falls into one of the two categories, they are more prone to error.

Before you start the test, make sure to concentrate on all the fundamentals. Even the smallest actions, such as saying “hello” to the instructor, checking all of your mirrors, using your handbrake, and glancing around before you get out of your car, may make a big difference.


You get flawless via practice, and the driving exam is no exception. Make sure you have the requisite practical experience before you take the driving license exam.

There are numerous patterns that can work well for your exam, such as the 8-shaped driving test, driving uphill, and other combinations. Before taking the Advance road test Calgary, make sure your hands are free to do these movements.


Obvious? Yes. Still a frequent error? Yes.

Before starting the automobile, you must make sure you are buckled up. Even though you might believe it won’t be observed, it most definitely is. Just adopt the phrase “seat belt first” as a general guideline.


Most immature drivers generally assume that the advanced road test is going to be easy. In fact, many of them undermine the potential of the test taker and rather make mistakes while being on the road. Avoid doing so as it can turn out to be the biggest liability for you.


In short, you don’t need to hit the gas in front of the instructor in order to impress him or her as this would certainly backfire. More than that you might get disqualified from getting the license that you’re expecting.


How Long Does It Take To Be Able To Earn A Driver’s Licence?

It is certainly true that in today’s time wherein humans are pampered on the lap of technology, they expect quick results. However, this could not be the case in learning how to drive a car. In fact, getting behind the wheel is a huge responsibility that therefore, calls for appropriate amounts of training and practice. Hence, the process unwantedly becomes painful.

Still, the question we trainers at A1 Advance Driving School often get asked is “How long does it take to learn to drive?”. Well, the answer is not as easy as you may think. If you’re thinking about why then let us inform you of the fact that this depends on a lot of factors.

So, just to help you a bit with estimating the time you would need to earn a driving license, we would be discussing a few of these factors here in this article.

1. How You Learn: To get you on the right foot, it is certainly essential to tell you that the way you learn is the main determiner of your car learning tenure. Imagine, if you’re learning on your own, everything would depend on your grasping power. On the contrary, things would be completely different when you actually take driving lessons Calgary from a professional.

2. How Much You Practice: It is often said that ‘practice makes perfect. And, that is something that is absolutely true. Just to bring to your kind attention, the driving test in Calgary is easier said than done as it involves an on-road driving test besides the aptitude and road safety test on paper. Hence, practicing the main skills like parallel parking or making a U-turn is a must.

3. From Whom You Learn Driving: Well, another thing on which the time you might consume depends on the trainer. Like how skilled one is and how much on-road experience does he have? All these things would affect the learning time. 

4. Your Learning Capability: One more vital thing that most trainees never consider is their own grasping capability. Technically, not everyone gets the physics behind cars so easily. However, trained professionals can make things easier for them too. Therefore, in some way or the other, your learning time also depends on your own grasping power. So, make sure to pay attention when you’re attending driving lessons Calgary.

If you’re still looking for a generalized answer, then we would say the learning time may range from 100 hours to 140 hours in total on-road practice, making the average time of 120 hours. This as mentioned earlier too would depend on all the factors discussed above. 

So, are you looking forward to attending driving lessons? Why wait then? Contact us for a free quote today. We, on the other hand, assure you an amazing, fun yet safe driver’s learning experience with the surety of getting a driver’s license at the earliest. To reach us, click on the contact us button on the top right corner of this page.

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Is Hiring A Driving Instructor Really Worth It?

Being able to drive is a life skill that is vital to master, especially in this generation when time is of the essence and where some occupations need having a car on hand.

Driving is not a simple task, though, as everyone knows. Learning how to drive safely requires a lot of practice, and you must undergo extensive training before you can call yourself a safety-focused driver.

The good news is that you may always schedule a driving lesson in Calgary to increase your driving abilities prior to receiving your official license. 

But why is it crucial to reserve a driving instructor? A few of the numerous reasons why you should learn to drive from a driving teacher are listed below by a driving instructor Calgary.

  1. They are qualified:

The first is the most obvious and straightforward explanation; they are licensed to instruct new drivers or students who wish to advance their driving skills.

It is important to receive instruction from a certified person, especially if the subject at hand concerns your personal safety. Remember that learning to drive takes time and requires a patient instructor who is ready to guide you through the process.

Driving teachers are the ideal people to accomplish when it comes to driving!

  1. They understand your strengths and weaknesses:

Driving instructors Calgary apart from being certified, are also good mentors. Over the years of experience that they hold, they become masters of their skill of training. Hence, they are able to understand what on their part is needed to turn your weaknesses into strengths. 

  1. They are relentless motivators: 

Being professional, your driving instructor would motivate you whenever you feel low. They inspire you to be the best version of yourself or at least a good driver. This motivation cannot be derived from anywhere else, giving you a constant push.

  1. Functional Flexibility:

The final one is that you may pick the day and time that you wish to start learning to drive with a driving instructor. In addition, their prices are rather reasonable for the amount of time they spend with you.

Get a hold of the driving instructor’s schedule before leaving, and choose a session that offers the optimum time frame for you.

You can save a tonne of time by doing one straightforward thing.

Driving School Calgary NE

6 Ways Of Overcoming Driving-related Anxiety

Situations that are difficult to get out of providing ideal ground for worry and panic to grow. Driving is, unsurprisingly, one of the most prevalent circumstances that cause panic. Many people who have a lot of anxiety about driving avoid particular circumstances or quit driving entirely.

Here are some suggestions from A1 Advance Driving School Calgary NE for dealing with unwanted nervousness while driving:

Engage your senses:

When you’re driving someplace, bring some sour or spicy sweets, gum, or anything cool to drink with you. Suck on candy or sip your drink if you start to feel anxious. The biting flavour of the candy or the chilly beverage might help you restore your senses and focus on something other than your stress. Gum chewing might also assist.

Relax and unwind:

Turn on the air conditioning or pull down your windows if you start to feel dizzy, lightheaded, or sweating. Cold air on your face and hands might help relieve discomfort and make you feel more relaxed.

Take a deep breath:

Shortness of breath and a feeling of choking are common symptoms of panic attacks. Although it may be frightening, try to take calm, deep breaths. Concentrate on inhaling and exhaling, not on the potential of choking.

It’s difficult to catch your breath when you’re thinking about not being able to breathe. These breathing exercises may be beneficial.

Are you afraid of driving? A1 Advance Driving School, Calgary is here to assist you!

Passing your driver’s test and honing your driving abilities is a thrilling experience. Our staff at A1 Advance Driving School Calgary NE is dedicated to making your driving lesson a good experience by assisting you in overcoming your fear of driving so that you may enjoy the freedom that comes with obtaining your driver’s licence.

Final Words: To summarize, driving-related nervousness is not insurmountable. It can be dealt with if the driver enrols at the right Driving School Calgary NE, and guides you the right way using the right approach.

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Self-taught Driver Vs. Person With Driving Education From a Driving School

Are you interested in taking basic driving lessons from a driving school in Calgary? Do you want to improve your driving abilities and learn how to parallel park like a champ? Or maybe you just want to feel more confident driving in a snowstorm? Then, you must learn to drive, and for that, you need to make a wise choice, like whether or not to take lessons from a professional driving instructor.

But, before making a decision, it would be nice if you consider the main differences between both types.

  1. Understanding of the vehicle: First off, when one tries to self-learn or learn from some of the family members, it is unsafe for both. On top of that, regular drivers cannot tell you much about the different types of vehicles and their do’s and don’ts. On the other hand, professional driving coaches, especially the ones at A1 Advance Driving School, a professional level driving school in Calgary, are well-informed and regularly updated with the changes in technology and basic know-how of most of the car’s basic mechanisms.

Hence, they can guide you better in this regard. 

  1. It’s important to remember that driving instructors have a lot of expertise in teaching people how to drive, which is why it’s suggested that you learn to drive from them, especially if you’re young or have previously failed your driver’s exam.

The driving teacher may devise a strategy to assist you in learning to drive in a way that will benefit you and will assist you in becoming a better driver.

This is most probably missing when it comes to self-taught drivers.

  1. A variety of advanced equipment to ace your driving skills: driving school in Calgary does have the extraordinary and latest equipment to help you learn and practice car driving through simulators that can’t be found at home or a friend’s house.
  2. In-Class Lessons: Driving lessons, like school, need a lot of studying, especially when it comes to memorizing the signs, laws, and regulations, among other things. 

When you learn to drive from an expert driving teacher, you will get a wealth of knowledge, including what to do, what to avoid, how to recognize blind spots, and much more.

The driving instructor’s major purpose is to ensure that you become a professional driver in a couple of weeks. 

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What Makes Driving Schools a Far Better Option?

Driving safely is a challenging yet crucial skill that requires practice. There is a great deal of responsibility attached to it. In driving, it’s not only about your safety; it’s also about everyone else’s. A driver’s license alone is insufficient. One requires specialized training, which is only available at driving schools in Calgary. How many of us can say with certainty that we can pass an exam on traffic signs? very few. We certified instructors at A1 Driving School Calgary, aim to educate more than simply how to operate the car’s controls. We are strongly committed to showing our students how to use such controls with ease. In addition to teaching our students the duties of a driver, we also educate them to respect other drivers’ rights.

Well, the following pointers explain what exactly makes driving schools more effective learning environments.

  1. Driving schools are well-equipped:  First off, each and every driving school that is licensed has the right vehicles to teach you how to drive in different environments. This includes cars with extra safety features and well-needed modifications like a dual braking system and a clutch pedal for both the driver and the instructor for better control. Additionally, you get to practice on the simulator, which enables you to master all the automobile controls in a secure setting. This gives you more confidence before you start driving on the road.
  2. Access to World-Class Driving Training: If you’re wondering how to learn to drive a car, you should know that the top driving schools in the nation use cutting-edge teaching methods and technology today. At these schools, students have access to both theoretical and practical driving instruction. The training modules in this case combine theoretical and practice sessions and are created in accordance with governmental rules.
  1. Practice in Different Conditions and Situations: Many people are at ease behind the wheel in a variety of circumstances. However, there can be some circumstances when people don’t feel comfortable. This is when enrolling in a reputable driving school is beneficial. You will receive the direction you require to refine particular abilities so that you are comfortable operating a vehicle in those specific circumstances as well. 
  1. Teach You Latest Traffic & Road Safety Rules and Regulations:  When you enroll in a driving school to learn how to operate a vehicle, you are also educated about the most recent updates to the road laws and regulations. For instance, if significant changes have been made to the law, joining a driving school in Calgary ensures all-around updates, which can be very beneficial in the long run.

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Top 5 Reasons to Learn Driving From a Driving School

If this is your first time learning to drive, you may be thinking of asking a friend or member of your family to show you how to handle the wheel. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your friend or sibling can teach you how to drive even if they are outstanding drivers. Instead, trying to learn a car on your own can be pretty dangerous as there would not be any expert guidance. It is a good idea to take driving lessons from a qualified driving instructor in Calgary at a driving school.

Here are the top 5 reasons why learning at a driving school is highly recommended:

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  • You Are Introduced Well To The Mechanism Of A Car:

The best part of learning from a driving school is that you get to understand the basic science behind the car and a basic understanding of the car’s main components. Although the majority of essential driving knowledge is readily available online, using it while operating a motor vehicle can be challenging. This enables you to effectively deal with any sudden breakdown or problem in the car while traversing. 

  • You are also introduced to the traffic and road safety rules in detail:

When you learn to drive from a friend, they only offer you the basics and leave the rest up to you to figure out. A qualified teacher will not only give you a thorough rundown of the rules and guidelines to adhere to when driving but will also help you practice safe driving before you go to the road on your own.
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  • Dedicated Training

The driving school teachers are qualified professionals with training in driving instruction. It implies that they have driving expertise and can teach you how to drive well. Your teacher will help you comprehend all the complexities of driving far better than a friend or a member of your family.

  • Directed driving and simulation

The initial few hours of practice driving in a simulated environment are the most beneficial part of taking driving lessons. You become acquainted with the fundamental parts of the automobile and gain knowledge of the procedure in this way. Your teacher teaches you numerous driving techniques in a targeted and systematic manner as you move behind the wheel of a real automobile. The system makes sure you comprehend even the minutest details of driving safely and sensibly.
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  • Ensured Safety

In every driving school, the automobile that is used for teaching how to drive is modified to provide control to both the driver trainee and the instructor. This adds to the safety of the person learning the car, making things more in control.

Eventually, it would be far easier to now understand why learning from a professional driving instructor in Calgary is a far better option than learning from anybody else you know.