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At A1 Advance Driving School we offer a range of courses to suit every driving need, from learning how to drive a car, to brushing-up your driving techniques, to class 5 and class 7 basic driving, and even insurance reduction and parallel parking driving courses.

Browse our list below to see which course would be best for you.

Insurance Reduction Course

20% to 40% discount on insurance for new drivers.

If you want to reduce your insurance premiums this is the course for you. After just 15 hours of classroom learning and 10 hours on-the-road training you could be eligible for anything from 20-40% discount off the costs of your insurance (the exact amount varies according to the different policies of each company).

We present you with a certificate on completion of this course which is recognised by most Calgary insurance companies for discount purposes.

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Training to Class 5 Basic (Graduated Driver Learning) and Advance

Reference: Alberta Transportation

Graduated driver licensing (GDL)

All our learner drivers, regardless of their age, take part in our Graduated Driver Learning programme. After years of teaching we have learned that this is the best way to make sure that all new drivers receive the support and learn the skills necessary to become safe and accomplished drivers.

The great advantage of the GDL programme is that learner drivers get the driving experience they need in a safe, controlled practice environment. This ensures that all new drivers are both competent and confident before they take the test and go on to drive unaccompanied and in hazardous conditions.

Our GDL programme is divided into two parts:

  • Stage One: Class 7 – after which you will receive your Learner’s Operator’s Licence
  • Stage Two: Class 5 GDL - after which you will qualify for your Probationary Licence
  • There are some pre-qualifying conditions before you can enroll in either course:

    The following information highlights the key features of the Learner (Stage One) and Probationary (Stage Two) phases of the Graduated Driver Licensing program.

    Stage 1: Learner (Class 7)brushup

    In order to qualify for your class 5-GDL licence you will have to:

    • be 14 + years old and have the written consent of your parents if you are under 18
    • hold a class 7 operator’s licence for a minimum of one year, or longer if for any reason you have had your driving privileges suspended at any time during this one year period.
    • be at least 16 years or older
    • pass a test to show that you are familiar with the rules and law of the road.
    • take and successfully pass Alberta’s basic class 5 road test.

    Restrictions on probationary driver licences:

    • You have to have a valid class 5-GDL probationary licence for at least two years before you can apply to become a fully licenced driver.
    • It is illegal to drive with more passengers than the number of seat belts in your vehicle.
    • If you collect 8+ demerit points while in possession of a class 5-GDL probationary licence you will be suspended from driving.
    • There is a zero-tolerance for alcohol when driving under a class 5-GDL probationary licence.
    • With a class 5-GDL probationary licence you are not eligible to qualify for a commercial operator’s licence (classes 1, 2, 3 or 4).
    • It is illegal for you to act as an accompanying driver to anyone who is still classified as a Class 7 or Class 5 learner.

    Stage 3: Full, non-GDL operator’s licence (Class 5)

    In order to qualify as a fully licensed non-GDL driver you must:

    • take and successfully pass Alberta’s advanced road test
    • have had a valid class 5-GDL probationary licence for the last 12 consecutive months of your two years of probationary driving, without suspension.


    • You must be a probationary driver for a minimum of two years.
    • You must have no more passengers than seat belts.
    • You will be suspended if you accumulate 8 or more demerit points.
    • You must have a zero alcohol level when driving.
    • You are not able to re-class your licence to a commercial operator’s licence (classes 1, 2, 3 or 4).
    • You cannot serve as an accompanying driver to a learner.

    Stage 3: Full, non-GDL operator’s licence (Class 5)

    To become a fully licensed driver you must:
    • have been suspension free for the last twelve months of the two-year probationary stage
    • pass the advanced road test

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    Winter Driving Course

    This course is perfect to give your confidence in driving in snow, frost and other hazardous conditions during the winter months.Winter Driving

    This course is taught during winter so that you get practical experience seated alongside a very competent and qualified instructor who will explain and demonstrate the safest ways to drive in hazardous snow and other extreme weather conditions.

    This course includes tips on:

    • Controlling steering
    • How to brake in slippery conditions
    • How to accelerate safely in slippery conditions
    • How to control and recover from skids
    • How to park on hills in slippery conditions
    • Driving skills for controlling your car during snow emergencies.

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    Parking Practice

    If you would like to become a parallel parking expert this is the course for you.

    Parallel parking does not come easily to anyone and sometimes we need a little extra practice in order to parallel park efficiently, rapidly and with confidence.

    On this course you will get all the practice you need so that parallel parking becomes like second nature. With the aid of our expert instructors you will soon be able to competently and confidently squeeze into those small spaces between cars whenever you need!

    Our instructors will also make sure you are familiar with all the rules and laws of parking safely in every type of on and off-road situation.

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    Refresher Courses

    Become an expert driver

    A1 Advance Driving School also provides customized Refresher Courses for those people who want to brush up on or to improve still further their driving skills.

    The length and duration of these courses depends on your skills and the areas you would like to improve on. Just let us know what you would like to practice and one of our expert drivers will accompany you to provide instruction and tips until you are confident with your driving skills.

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    For more information about these or any other of our driving courses that you are interested in taking, please phone A1 Advance Driving School on 403-708-7070 or contact us online.

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